Restaurant on Halong Fantasea Cruise

We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at set times. You'll start your morning with a Western style breakfast of eggs, bread, fruit, tea and coffee. For lunch and dinner we offer a variety of Vietnamese dishes that include fried spring rolls (nem), a variety of stir fries (chicken, beef, seafood and/or vegetables) and rice and/or French fries, with fruit for dessert. Seasonal specialties are served upon availability.
We have a well-stocked bar from which you can order your drinks for an additional fee.

 Lunch on the boat  Dinner on the boat    Breakfast on the boat

2.Stir-fried Squid with Onion

3.Fried Fish

4.Steamed Shrimp with Ginger

5.Sauteed Vegetables

6.Spring roll


8.Steamed Rice

9. Fresh Fruit seasonal
1.Chicken Soup


3.French Fries

4.Sauteed Beef with Onion

5.Steamed Clams

6.Stir-fried Fish with Herbs


8. Steamed Rice


2.Strawberry Jam


4.Fried Eggs

5. Stir-fried Instant Noodles

6.Fresh Fruit

7.Tea or coffee